Canada’s Prettiest Wedding Cakes For 2014

by Wedding Bells Magazine

Each year we comb the country looking for Canada’s most creative cake designers and ask them to whip up the most beautiful wedding desserts imaginable.

Herb Wedding Cake

This particular wedding cake was inspired by our West Coast weather that allows us to garden most of the year as well as the symbolism of the herbs. Many herbs have symbolic meanings that go back centuries, even millennia. Lavender represents love, happiness and peace; sage represents a long life, wisdom and longevity; thyme represents health and courage.

The cake is covered with fondant, creating a canvas for Chef Daniel to artistically design the a couple's perfect garden on each tier. The Elizabethan scrolling dating back to the 16th century is then applied in white chocolate. The ribbon is then added at the end for a chic finish.

Fresh Fair

Patisserie Daniel - 1729 Cook Street - Victoria - BC - V8T 3P4 - Tel: 250 361 3234

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